Ethiopian woman in Saudi Arabia hangs herself, another badly beaten up (Warning: Graphic photo)

November 6th, 2013    

Ethiopian woman has committed suicide by hanging herself in the northern Saudi Arabia province of Tabarjal yesterday. The report says that the police is investigating the circumstances of her death, and has not released her name yet.

Ethiopian woman hangs herself in Saudi Arabia

Another Ethiopian woman, who was badly beaten up by her employer, went to get an assistance from the Ethiopian embassy and was turned away. Her friends took this photo and sent it to us. Some Ethiopian women resort to suicide after being subjected to such barbaric acts in the hands of their Saudi employers, and the so called “Ethiopian embassy” refuses to provide them with assistance. The women are trafficked to Saudi Arabia by agencies in Ethiopia that are affiliated with Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire Al Amoudi and his associates, in collaboration with the TPLF junta.

Ethiopian woman beaten up in Saudi Arabia



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